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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you move furniture?

We do not move large items such as: beds, dressers, china cabinets, armoires. We do move and put back: dining room tables & chairs, small end tables, coffee/cocktail tables, occasional chairs etc.. We put plastic tabs under any item that was moved to prevent any bleeding on to your rugs/carpets.

**We can move the large items stated above but it would incur an additional charge per room.**

How soon can I walk on my rugs?

They can take light traffic immediately but in our climate it can take between 4 hours to 8 hours to dry completely depending on humidity and also if your heat/cooling system is running..

What do I need to do to get ready for a carpet & or upholstery cleaning?

We recommend you pick up any toy's or debris and run a vacuum. If you do not have pets or small children you might not need to run the vacuum. We generally do not pre-vacuum and if we do it will incur an additional charge.

What about my pets?

If you have pets we recommend you have a room or porch or even kennel to put them in during the cleaning as we will be running hoses into your home from our truck's which would leave your door open and we certainly do not want anything to happen to your pet!

What is your guarantee as far as spots/stains coming back?

We will return to your home to re-treat any spots and or stains that come back if we are called within 7 days from the date of service. We cannot guarantee permanent removal of any stains due to many factors such as what the stain is, how long it has been there and also what was used to treat the stain initially. In a lot of case's the stain was treated with soap and or cleaning agent and was not extracted properly and that leaves soap reside behind which unfortunately attracts dirt over time causing the stain to reappear.

Please contact us for further information.


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